Network Day 2022 – INVERSITY

An important milestone for JERO
In-person Event

Diversity is an asset and as such it must also be recognized in the world of work.”

JEcoMM’s survival guide to the network day 2022.

On Saturday, February 12, 2022, JERO’s representatives were welcomed by the beautiful colonnades of the University of Milan for Inversity, the Network Day of the Italian Junior Enterprises hosted by JECoMM.

Courtesy of Carlotta Cecchetti.

This year’s Network Day was focused on the theme of diversity management, featuring guest talks to grow and reflect on the topic of valorization and inclusion of diversity in management.

Four were the total speeches featured. Below you can find some key takeaways for each of them.

Bionic People’s Talk

Courtesy of Carlotta Cecchetti.

The first talk featured the speakers Alessandro Ossola, Paralympic athlete of the Italian national team and D&I Ambassador, and Giorgio Napoli, student of Strategic Communication. They are, respectively, the President and co-founder of Bionic People, and their testimonial. Bionic People is an amateur sports association made up of people with different types of disabilities who want to change the way disabilities themselves are perceived.

Thanks to them we learned that life scars and losses can become a value, if you demonstrate resilience and courage in accepting the novel conditions.

Francesco Cicconetti’s Talk

The second speech of the event has been held by Francesco Cicconetti, who is a content creator and educator on the topic of transgender, and transitioning. He highlighted the most suitable techniques and approaches to integrate diversity into the workplace, and how to grow one’s sensibility towards other people.

Courtesy of Carlotta Cecchetti

MUNA+’s Talk: Why Gender Equality Is Beneficial for Everyone – An Introduction to Practical Managerial Approaches

Courtesy of Carlotta Cecchetti.

For the third talk of the day, MUNA+, a non-profit association linked to the Model United Nations network, raised awareness on the gender disparities and gender gaps in the job world.

The speakers Johanna Echterhoff, MUNA+ Co-Founder & Co-Chairwoman, Carrie Weiss, MUNA+ Team Member, and Matteo Bertani, MUNA+ Board Member, provided us with insightful data about the gender underrepresentation of women in European workplaces.

Great news for JERO!
A photo of our board members at the Network Day 2022 in Milan.

The Network Day was a long-awaited day for us. The work of our predecessors in JERO weighted on our shoulders as the D-Day approached for our Junior Enterprise to be assessed, and officialized as part of the JE network. That day is now finally in our past, and we can now proudly announce ourselves as officially part of this outstanding network of young professionals ready to take over the business world. Now, with our past and present board members and associates’ sweat and tears, we can start a new chapter at JERO.

However, this is not the only good news we received during the eventful Network Day. In fact, we are excited to share that our JE has become one of two finalists for the Excellence Awards 2022 in the category of Best Junior Initiative.

Here is the Instagram announcement of the Best Junior Initiative Award finalists by JE Italy.

The first Network Day of JERO was a great opportunity to recharge ourselves, gear up our motivation, and realize how important the work ours and all the JEs around the world do is. By collaborating with companies, JEs are able to create gigantic platforms full of dynamic projects for young professionals to have access to.

We are proud of our achievements and trust that we will continue to grow as a JE thanks to the amazing network we have entered, and to our members.

Keep on doing!

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