Expert Talks – Consulting: Selling Knowledge

An introduction to consulting

“Big opportunities always come from startups and consulting work.”

By Riccardo Maiolini,
Assistant Professor of Management at John Cabot University, expert of entrepreneurship and social innovation.

This is the sentence our guest speaker left us with, at the end of our first Expert Talks webinar, last Wednesday, November 17. During the event, Prof. Maiolini shared his knowledge of the past and current structure of the consulting world, along with the project opportunities that are typical of this field. He, then, highlighted the tie between the academic world and consulting firms, and the importance of young professionals in this context. It was McKinsey & Company, in fact, to make it a practice to hire newly graduated MBA’s, back in 1926.

The start of the introduction to the consulting industry.

Our guest’s final quote really highlights what the JE network has as a goal: closing the gap between the job market and education that young professionals currently face. Consulting firms, as Prof. Maiolini mentioned, have a long history of becoming platforms for young professionals to acquire large amounts of practical knowledge, thanks to the dynamic environment and variety of projects available. On the same line, the JE network positions itself as a valuable resource for students and recent graduates to “Learn By Doing” – which is precisely the motto we, Junior Enterprises, go by.

Our team introduces JERO to the attendees.
JECatt’s representatives present their Junior Enterprise.

The JE network that has been created is also what made this event, and JERO, possible. So, we would like to thank not only our dear guest, Professor Riccardo Maiolini, and amazing attendees, but also Luigi Purpi (Regional Manager) and Giada Casablanca (International Manager), representatives of JECatt, our partner JE, whom kindly joined us to explain their amazing work in their almost 10 years of experience. Thank you all, and we hope to see you at our next event.

Keep on doing!

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JERO International Consulting is a non-profit organization managed by students who provide consulting services in business, marketing, and communication. Our vision is to have a strong international presence while making a significant impact on businesses within our community.

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