JE Standards

The Junior Enterprises compose a worldwide student-led network that follows a set of standards that unify all of the junior enterprises around the world, ensuring the quality and reliability of the services offered. 

To qualify as a Junior Enterprise and be recognized as such by the JE Network, every JE must comply to the following standards:

Every JE must be connected with an Institution of Higher Education.

A Junior Enterprise must be somehow linked to an institution of higher education, but this connection does not necessarily have to be a legal affiliation. The University or School must be there to provide support.  

Every JE must be managed by students.

The executive board of any Junior Enterprise must be composed entirely by undergraduate or postgraduate students.

Every JE must be a non-profit organisation.
Every Junior Enterprise must be a non-profit organisation by nature of activities. This means that the enterprise should not be used to gain economic benefits for its members, unless such funds are used for the execution of projects organised by the JE.

Every JE must be a Non-Political and Non-Religious Organisation.

Junior Enterprises must not be in any way affiliated to a political party nor a religious movement.

Every JE must be a Legal Entity. 

The Junior Enterprises must be registered as a civil non-profit association following national regulations. These legal documents must confirm the JE follows in structure and purpose the criteria previously mentioned for at least one year.

Every JE must support the development of its members.

The Junior Enterprise should set as its main goal the development of the skills of its members through the execution and organisation of projects. 

Every JE must aim at a sustainable goal.

Junior Enterprises should complete at least one project per year for a client. Furthermore, proof of the creation and management of an active bank account must be provided.

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