Our Services

To ensure the highest client satisfaction, we keep the options of our services flexible. In other words, if you are a client and need some of these services, you can choose any combination from the following services, so making packages from 1 to 6 services. In addition, we will adjust every single service to your needs. 

Market and Benchmarking Analysis

We offer a market analysis together with a benchmark analysis in order to assess the competitive strategy, which will ensure their success in the market.

Business Plan

We not only offer the creation of a business plan but also an improvement of such in case it is necessary, in order to achieve the client’s profitability goals.

Financial Analysis

We offer a financial analysis service including an evaluation of the overall financial performance, budget, and performance forecasting.

Marketing Plan

We offer the service of a marketing plan, in order to achieve the client’s marketing goals through the analysis of several key parameters of the competitive environment.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

We offer the service of social media marketing campaigns through any social media channel, in order to achieve the client’s goals in advertising.

Video Making

We offer both long-form and short-form productions (micro-commercials) to dominate the social space across all platforms.

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